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All The Close-Guarded Tactics Of The Age of WuShu Liang Revealed

The game's biggest asset is undeniably the sense of immersion it creates. Age of WuShu Liang is a virtual world as opposed to a progression exercise set amongst a series of loading screens and lobbies, and while I don't know exactly how big AoW's landmasses are, I know that it took me a good 15 minutes to ride a coach from Yanyu Villa to the Scholar's headquarters nestled in the foothills of Divine Tree Mountain.
And this was one tiny corner of the world, the starting area, as it were, for one of the game's eight schools.As in every MMO, getting huge amounts of money is vital in order to obtain additional skills and superior gear. In Wushu and Wulin, there are two different types of currency, the bound Silver coins and the unbound Silver Liang. When it comes to trade with other players, it’s the Liang option that matters.The rewards for the extra effort are many, and whether it's painting and fishing minigames or heart-pounding spy and counterspy PvP, you'll be doing some stuff in Age of Wushu that you probably haven't done in an MMO before.Both are functional in the most generous sense of the word, but the lack of polish in these departments will be more than enough to turn off time-poor players who aren't predisposed to liking sandboxes (and probably even some who are).
Now, some might read all that and say, big deal, it's no different than EVE Online's PLEX. PLEX is bought with real money, which is then converted to ISK, which may be used to buy implants that speed up your skill training time and make you more powerful much faster than a player who earns it in the game. And that's all true.It's thrilling to know that there are some MMO devs out there who know how to make an actual MMORPG, but Age of WuShu Liang is heartbreaking to see it hamstrung by the hamhandedness inherent in bad F2P models. So, what are the best and fastest ways to get Liang in this oriental title?Unlike EVE, AoW offers a traditional (and substantial) PvE component, though, and if for some strange reason you feel the need to reduce AoW to a typical quest grinder, you can.

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